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Related article: Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 23:39:09 -0500 From: alessandro abbondanti Subject: mr a and his boys: after homecomingWow. It's been awhile, hasn't it? I'd offer the usual apologies, but you already know about how much time I spend on my job, which unfortunately doesn't include writing erotica.I had intended for this chapter to be longer and to encompass more than the single sex scene that's included, but it's been so long since I posted, that I decided you all would probably rather see something now, even if it's shorter, than wait for something 20+ pages long.No, the story isn't over. No, Mr. A hasn't become bored with his boys. I just never have the necessary time to write as much as I'd like to. Sorry.As usual, please let me know what you think. Feedback is always welcome. I'm beginning to fear after my long hiatus that interest in the story has waned almost entirely. Ouch! See the note at the end for contact information.Don't forget to read my non-Mr. A story entitled "Italian Soccer Coach" in the adult- youth section. I have also published another non-Mr. A story in the highschool section entitled "Soccer Jocks Alex and Austin".Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction; any resemblance to real persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. If you're not old enough to read this, go away. This story is fantasy. It didn't happen. It never will happen. Don't do it. This story contains depictions of sex between adult and teenage males. All roles in the movie of my life, however, are played by people aged 18 and over (and you should be 18 if you're reading this!). If you are not interested in reading about this (or other male-on-male sex), please leave now. This story is mine; don't steal it or post elsewhere without my permission. (That means it's copyrighted by me, in case you were confused.)*******************The end of October brought with it Homecoming and all the festivities that went along with it, namely dress-up days. Two days this year interested me, "Toga" day and "Hawaiian" day. Both days held promise for plenty of eye candy, both male and female.And I wasn't disappointed.On "Toga" day, I was out in the halls during my duty period and was shocked to find how many of the boys in my school were wearing a toga that showed off their muscular, tanned upper bodies. A few also seemed not to be wearing anything underneath as I saw more than one clear outline of a teencock underneath the white cotton. None of my own students, I was disappointed to see, dressed in similarly revealing outfits. I learned later that a number of boys had been suspended that day for "exposing" themselves.On "Hawaiian" day, I was again disappointed to see that neither Colin nor Paden dressed up. They stayed for a few minutes after class, which was just before lunch.Colin, who was on the JV football team with Chas, asked, "Have you seen what Chas is wearing today?""Not yet," I answered. "I don't have him until after lunch."Colin smiled mischievously. "It's pretty good," he said. "You'll probably like it."I blushed Nn Preteenage Models a little. "Probably not as much as you did," I joked. Colin laughed. "So why didn't you dress up for Toga day or Hawaiian day?" I asked him.Colin shrugged. "Too much work," he said."But a good time to show off your guns and not get in trouble for it.""Yeah, I guess so," he said. "But it's not like I gotta try to be sexy." He flexed his biceps and rubbed them, bringing the right one up to kiss it.I laughed. There was a hint of mocking behind his statement; Colin was acting overly confident in order to cover up his insecurity. Although he had a very nice body and was very cute, he seemed to me to think that he wasn't cute enough.We had talked many times about him and girls, and it was my impression that despite what was going on with us, he still liked girls and wanted a girlfriend. He feared rejection, however, and was afraid to approach girls. He always said that the girls that he liked wouldn't like him back and that only weird girls liked him. Whenever I tried to encourage him to do something to get a girl's attention--like dressing up for Toga day--he would say no and make a joke about how he didn't need to show off like that or didn't want to embarrass the other guys. There was a lack of self-confidence there, and I didn't know how to build it up.Paden rolled his eyes at what Colin said. "Yeah, right," he said. "You're just afraid 'cause you know you don't look as good as me.""Why didn't you dress up, then?" Colin asked sarcastically.I chuckled. "Yeah, why didn't you dress up?"Paden laughed. "Can you imagine me freeballing in a toga? I'd get suspended for sure. And I'd definitely fall out of the shorts that Chas is wearing today." He paused. "Not like you have that problem, pencil dick," he said to Colin."Leave Colin alone," I said, laughing. "He's pretty long for his age and height.""Yeah," Colin said, blushing. "We can't all be freaks like Nn Preteenage Models you and Abs.""You like us freaks, though," Paden teased, punching Colin in the arm."Ow," Colin said, rubbing his bicep and then kissing it again. "That hurt.""Shut up and go to lunch," I said to them, pushing them out the door.After lunch, when Chas showed up to class, I understood exactly what Colin had meant about his outfit. He was wearing a floral print shirt, which was opened most of the way to reveal his smooth, tanned chest and a lei. He also had on a grass skirt with nothing underneath but his boxers. The skirt did little to cover his cotton underwear."Whoa, Chas," I said when I saw him. "That's quite the...uh...revealing outfit, don't you think? How has no one said anything to you?"Chas chuckled. "I keep the shirt closed in classes where I know the teachers care.""I wasn't really talking about the shirt, man!" I said. "That skirt with only those boxers underneath. I can't believe no one has said anything.""What can I say?" he said. "Guy teachers don't care, and I guess the ladies like the view." I chuckled. "But seriously," he continued, "there was a lot more grass here at the beginning of the day. The skirt is cheap, though, and parts of it keep falling off." He winked at me, pulled on a strand on the front to show how easily the blades came off, and then sat down, spreading his legs a little; his boxers slid up revealing most of his thigh and a nice bulge. The grass of the skirt cascaded around the mound of his crotch. The boxers were short and tight enough that I could see why Paden (or myself) would have trouble wearing them without getting cited for indecent exposure.I shook my head. "I hope your next two teachers are as lax as I am," I teased. "Otherwise, you might find yourself suspended like some of the guys on toga day."During 6th period, my last period of the day that year, towards the end of the period, a bunch of the students were talking about Nn Preteenage Models the Homecoming dance, which was coming up on Saturday. One of the girls, Kelly, said to me, "Did you know that Paden and Susan are going out now?""What?" I asked."I think they are, anyway," she said."Who's Susan?" I asked."She's on the girls' soccer team with me," Kelly said. "I'm surprised you didn't know. Paden talks about you all the time; I figured he'd tell you about stuff like that.""He never mentioned it to me. How weird," I said, remembering that less than a week earlier I had my cock buried down his throat at the very desk where I was now sitting and hearing about his girlfriend."Well, he doesn't talk about a lot of personal stuff, I guess," she continued. "To see them together, you would think that they're just friends and not even dating. Sometimes at lunch, they just sit together and don't even say anything to each other.""Paden's not very emotional," I said, "or expressive, so I could see how that's possible. Still, it's weird that he didn't say anything to me." I wondered why he hadn't mentioned it. It was true that Paden didn't talk a lot about personal stuff; he was stoic, to say the least. Maybe he was embarrassed, I thought, or worried about my reaction to it. And really, how did I feel about it? I was glad for him. It was my understanding after talking more with Kelly that Susan and Paden had a lot in common, so they seemed like a good couple. It probably meant less playtime for me, but we hadn't had a lot of opportunities lately, anyway, so that wasn't really a problem. At least it wasn't Colin, I thought.The week finished out with school color day on Friday, and when I saw Paden in class, I asked, "So Paden, who you are you going to the dance with?"Paden looked at me for a moment and said, "Just some friends.""Oh really?" I said with a slight smile."Yeah," he said. "Why?""Just curious." Why hadn't he told me? "What about you, Colin?" I asked, removing the pressure from Paden."There's a group of us going," Colin said. "It's kind of lame.""Why didn't you ask someone, then?" I prodded.Colin blushed. "I dunno," he said. "I guess I didn't have anyone I wanted to ask.""Uh huh," I said. "Well, maybe you can hook up with someone there."The day finished, and the Homecoming festivities were Friday night. I attended the game, which we won, and then went out with friends. The dance was Saturday night, and although a lot of students had asked me to chaperone, I declined. I was afraid of students getting too friendly with me in what they would have observed as a more social situation and not a school function. I knew that some of the girls had crushes on me, and obviously I had interest in some of them as well as the boys, so I figured it was best not to put myself in that position.The weekend passed, and I returned to school on Monday, knowing that I would hear all about how the dance had gone and what fun things happened there and after.That morning, Paden showed up at my room unexpectedly."How's it going, Paden?" I asked. "What's up?""Not much," he said. "Just had some extra time, and thought I'd stop by.""How was Homecoming?" I asked.Paden grinned. "It was good," he said. "I had a lot of fun.""Get any?" I asked.He blushed. "Just a handjob," he said. "She said I was too big, so she wanted to start out slow."I laughed. "You'll get that a lot," I said. "At least in my experience. Every time you start going out with someone new or someone without a lot of experience.""I guess it can be kind of scary," he said. Nn Preteenage Models "I remember the first time I saw you, Nn Preteenage Models and I wasn't exactly small myself.""Exactly," I said, chuckling. "So who was the lucky girl?"He stammered, "No one you know.""Oh really? Was she just someone random or...?" I was playing dumb, since he had never actually told me about his girlfriend, and since I didn't know why, I wanted to make sure he didn't get upset at the person who had told me."This girl I've been seeing," he said. "Her name's Susan, and she plays soccer.""Cool," I said. "You're right; I don't know her.""You're not freaked or upset about it?" he asked."What?" I asked confused. "Why would I be?""Because of, you know, the stuff we've done, you and me and Colin.""Dude, I know that's just fun stuff. We're just having fun. You know I get with girls, too. I just also like guys, kind of like you, I think.""Yeah, I guess so," he answered. "I do like getting with you and Colin.""Same here," I said. "How did Colin enjoy Homecoming?" Colin sometimes had trouble opening up around new people (and girls in particular), so I was afraid he might not have had fun."Oh man," said Paden. "Ask him about the party after. He got drunk, for the first time ever. And ask him about Val.""He got drunk? Really?" I asked. I was a little shocked, as I knew he hadn't exactly been a big partier, but perhaps it was good for him to do it, especially if it made him more comfortable. Naturally, I didn't condone underage drinking, but given that I had also done it in high school, I didn't want to be a hypocrite."Yeah," Paden said. "Why?""I guess I just never really thought of you guys as doing that," I said. "Kind of stupid, I know, since pretty much everyone does it in high school; I know I did."Paden chuckled. "Don't worry, Mr. A," he assured me. "I don't drink, and this was Colin's first time. I don't think he'll make a habit of it.""Good," I said. Although I had been a big drinker in college, and had been known to down a few in high school, I didn't get drunk as often now. I had also found that now that as I formed closer, more personal ties with my students, I was more concerned about their well being, i.e. I didn't like the idea of them drinking heavily or doing drugs.In class that day, I pretended that I didn't know what had happened during Homecoming, and I asked Colin, "So how was Homecoming?"He blushed a little. "It was okay," he answered."Just 'okay'?" I persisted."Yeah," he said. "Nothing too exciting."I nodded. "If you say so," I said."What?" he asked nervously. "What do you mean?""Nothing," I said, smiling a little.Just then, one of his other friends came up. "You two talking about Homecoming?" he asked.I nodded. "Yep. Colin tells me that it was just 'okay'."His friend laughed. "Yeah. I'm sure if he could remember more of the after-party, he'd have more to say.""Shut up, Jamie," Colin said, punching him in the arm. "That's not cool.""What? Like Mr. A cares?" Jamie said.I chuckled. I did care a little, but I tried not to show it. "So that's how it is, huh?" I said. "You're afraid to tell me things?""No," Colin said. "It's not that..." he trailed off. "Look, can we just talk about this later?" He seemed irritated."Whoa, calm down, buddy," I said. "Sure. Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable." Good thing I didn't actually bring up Val, I thought to myself."It's okay," he said. "I'll come and talk to you later.""Okay, man," I said. The bell had already rung, but the students were still milling about since I had been distracted by my conversation with Colin. I got them quieted down and seated and began class.The remainder of my classes passed without much of note happening. Chas mentioned Homecoming and commented on Colin's behavior at the party. It seemed that Colin was quite wasted and had thrown up twice. I found myself becoming more angry about his behavior the more I heard about it, but I again reminded myself that I had been a teenager once and had done the same stuff they were doing now. Quite the different attitude you have about partying and drinking when you're watching the people you care about do it. I realized how my parents must have felt, and I was happy that they only knew about a small portion of the stuff I did Nn Preteenage Models in high school. I decided that I'd have a conversation with Colin about being responsible when he partied, but that I couldn't in good conscience, and without being hypocritical, actually tell him not to.Colin came by after school, and as usual when I saw him, I smiled and got a little happier. My cock chubbed up a little as I looked him over, from his straight brown hair, which he was letting grow out, to his hazel eyes with their long eyelashes; from his growing biceps to his flat stomach; from his strong, hairy legs to his round, muscular teenjock ass. He was a sexy boy."Hey, Colin," I said when he came in. "What's up?"He was quiet for a moment, and I looked at him questioningly. "So you heard a little about Homecoming, huh?" he asked."Yep," I said. "Sounds like you had a good time.""Kind of," he answered. "You aren't mad?""About what?" I asked. "You getting drunk?""Yeah, and the other stuff."This was interesting. What other stuff? "Well, I'll admit that I'm kind of disappointed that you got drunk. I was a little mad when I first heard, 'cause I didn't think you did stuff like that, but then I remembered what it was like being a teenager, and that I had done it, too, so I knew I couldn't really be mad. But you better be careful. It sounds like you overdid it this weekend. That's not good. And don't you ever drink and drive."He smiled weakly. "I'm not stupid, Abs.""I know, but I feel better saying it at least." I looked at him, watching him clench his jaw. Our eyes met, and he smiled and looked away, blushing. "What other stuff, by the way?"Colin blushed more. "You didn't hear?""Is this something to do with Val?" I took a chance, mentioning the name of the girl that Paden had brought up earlier. Colin's face turned even redder. "What happened?" I had a pretty good guess, but I wanted to get him to talk about it, and also figure out why he thought it would make me mad."To be honest," he began, "I don't remember a lot of it. I was really, really drunk." He laughed uneasily. "I woke up the next day, though, and I didn't have my pants on, and I was in her room. I was freaked out at first, because I couldn't remember, but then it kinda came back to me. She sucked me off."I raised my eyebrows. "No way," I said. "She blew you while you were drunk?"Colin nodded."Nice," I said enthusiastically. "I'd ask you how it was, but you probably don't remember.""Not at all," Colin chuckled. "I just remember seeing her go down on me. I don't remember what it was like at all."I laughed. "That really sucks," I said. "Maybe next time, you won't be so drunk.""Let's hope not," he said."Did you think I'd be mad about that?" I asked. "About you getting it on with a girl?""I dunno," Colin admitted. "I mean, I thought you might not like it, 'cause of...us.""Well," I said, "I do like it. I'm happy for you!" I said. "Surely you know that I get with girls and sometimes other guys. I don't just have sex with you and Paden, so I wouldn't expect you to have sex with just me. I mean, I REALLY like 'us', and I'd like to keep 'us' doing stuff, but I also know sometimes a guy needs something different.""Good," Colin said. "I'm really happy to hear that. I want 'us' to continue, too."I smiled at him without saying anything. He stood up and came over to me; I stood up and faced him. I put one hand behind his head and tilted my head and bent down slightly. He looked me in the eye and smiled. I smiled back, touching my lips to his. I wrapped my arms around his strong, developing body and pulled him close to me. We ground our bodies together, moaning and dry humping each other as our tongues slid back and forth, in and out of our mouths. My cock was growing, lengthening and getting harder in my pants.I pulled away from him. "Let's go into the office," I suggested, taking his hand and leading him back into my office. I closed and locked the door, turning on the radio to help cover any noise. It was still fairly early after school, but I didn't care. The urge to be with Colin was overpowering.Once inside the office, I immediately began stripping down. I removed my shirt, exposing my muscular upperbody. I kicked off my shoes and dropped my pants and underwear, revealing my heavy, swaying cock. I was only semi-hard, so my fat Italian prick still hung between my thighs, stretching down about 6 inches, hanging past my weighty, cum-filled balls. Colin moaned when he saw me, and I walked up to him. I placed my hands on the bottom of his shirt and lifted it off over his head, revealing his smooth stomach and chest. I rubbed my hands up and down his front, squeezing his pecs, feeling the hard muscle underneath his baby fat.We kissed again, our hands roving all over each other's bodies. Colin reached between us and began groping my cock, pulling down on the rubbery meat and fondling my swinging sac. I groped his bubble butt, sliding my hands under the waistband of his shorts, squeezing and kneading each muscular cheek, pulling him closer to me. My cock continued to grow until it reached its full 9.5-inch length and beercan-sized girth. My cock pressed against his stomach, oozing copious amounts of precum onto his "insulated" six-pack. I kissed Colin's shoulder and gently bit at it as I fell to my knees in front of him.I had felt his Nn Preteenage Models hard cock pressed against my thigh as we made out, and his shorts bulged with it. I unzipped his cargo shorts and pulled them down; his cock strained against his cotton boxers forming an obvious tent. I looked up at his beautiful face, staring past his stomach glistening with my sticky pre-jizz. I smiled. "Tell me if you remember this one," I joked, pulling his boxers down and freeing his thin, teenage prick.I took his cock in my hand and stroked it, dragging my fist up and down the full length of it, rubbing my thumb across the sensitive head. It was leaking a little, but nothing compared to the clear liquid that flowed from my throbbing dick. I buried my face in Colin's thigh, kissing and licking that space where the thigh meets the pelvis, causing him to shudder. I brought my mouth down to his sac, licked underneath it, and took his balls into my mouth, one at a time, gently sucking on them and bathing them with my tongue.Colin moaned, placing his hands on the top of Nn Preteenage Models my head. I licked along the side of his cock, rubbing my lips and down the narrow length of it before taking just the head between my lips. I focused on the head, locking my lips behind the corona of it and sucking gently as I swirled my tongue repeatedly across the tip. I flicked my tongue against the underside of his swollen cockhead. Colin moaned loudly. I continued stroking his shaft as I worked the head with my mouth.I fondled and pulled on his balls as I sucked, sliding my fingers behind his smooth nadbag and seeking his prostate. I pressed gently on his prostate as I sucked on the head, and he oozed precum all over my tongue. I then let go of Colin's shaft and took him all the way into my mouth. I swallowed every inch of his cock until my face was buried in his dark, curly pubes. "Oh my fucking God, Abs," he called out, doubling over, so that his upperbody was now bent over my head. His hands gripped my head tightly as I worked the back of my throat on his cockhead and suctioned my mouth on his teenprick. When I could tell that he was getting close to cumming, I released his cock and pulled off.Without saying a word, and before he could protest, I spun him around and pushed him over the desk. His muscular, high school ass rose up in the air in front of me. I moaned looking at it. It was so round and high, two perfect white globes. I pulled his cheeks apart and buried my face between them. I snaked out my tongue, sliding it into his hole and eating my teenage lover's perfect bubble butt. I dragged my tongue up and down the hairless crack, teasing the hole with the tip of it, and then shoved it into him, swirling it around before pulling out. As I ate Colin's tight ass, I squeezed and rubbed his cheeks.Colin whimpered continuously, reaching back to hold my head in place, pushing his ass back harder onto my face. He fucked himself on my tongue."Ready?" I asked, finally pulling away from the tongue-fucking I was giving him in order to give him the real thing."Oh God yes, Abs," Colin whimpered.I stood up behind Colin and slid my fat meat up between his ass cheeks. I leaned back a little, put my hands on his cheeks, and squeezed them around my dick, admiring the way my cock looked with his jockass wrapped around it, two halves of a perfectly rounded bun cradling a hot dog, or in this case Italian sausage. My dick throbbed and oozed; I pulled it down between the buns, slicking his crack with my precum."Do you like my dick, baby?" I asked, leaning over him, gently thrusting my hips so that it slid up and down between his buns. He moaned in response. "Do you want me inside you again?" Colin pushed his 15-year-old ass back against me. "Tell me, Colin," I said."Yes, Abs," he whined. "Please fuck me, Abs. I want you inside me. I need it. Please."I leaned down and nibbled gently on his ear. "That's my boy," I said, growling into his ear. He shuddered. I stepped back and aimed my dick at his hole, which was wet with my spit and precum. I pressed the throbbing head of my cock against Colin's tight sphincter; I watched it twitch, clenching and unclenching. I pushed forward, watching as the muscle stretched and loosened, opening up to accept the broad head of my thick club. Colin breathed in sharply as my cockhead forced its way through his tight ring; his hole clamped down tightly on it, causing me to moan loudly.His ass gripped my dick forcefully as I continued pushing my way in, feeding my hard schlong into his hungry ass. He was as tight as ever, and his ass twitched and spasmed on my dick. He squeezed himself on me, massaging my invading member with his ass muscles. Slowly, inch-by-inch, I filled his ass with my very long, very hard, very fat prick until finally I was balls deep inside his tight, jock boypussy. My cumtanks hung heavily against his round ass.I leaned over him, putting my body weight on his. He was gripping the desk tightly, holding himself up; his biceps were bulged and tight as he supported himself and my added weight. I ground my cock into him, rotating my hips, causing my cock to move around in his tight hole, opening him up. I slid the wide shaft over his prostate again and again, each time eliciting a tiny moan and gurgle from his throat. I kissed the Nn Preteenage Models back of his neck and rubbed my hands along the sides of his body. I reached around and squeezed his pecs, pinching each nipple between my thumb and forefinger. Colin whimpered; I whispered, "Good boy," into his ear, and slowly pulled my hips back.I slid out of Colin's ass until only the head remained inside, and then I pushed forward, drilling the full length of my prick down into his hole. He yelped and arched his back. I ground my cock into him again, and then I began fucking him with short, fast strokes. I pulled my dick a few inches out of his ass and then drove it back in, repeatedly thrusting my hips against his smooth ass. My balls swung back and forth, loudly slapping his ass on each downward thrust. My large cockhead stabbed against Colin's prostate again and again, causing him to moan and whimper unceasingly.Colin kept arching his back and thrusting his ass Nn Preteenage Models backwards, meeting me thrust for thrust, trying to take me deeper and deeper inside of him. ""That's it, baby," I muttered. "Take my cock." I placed my hands on his hips and started pulling him back onto me, fucking his ass harder and faster. He squeezed his ass muscles tightly around my prick, milking me with his high school hole. "Fuck, Col," I groaned. "Work that ass on me, beautiful."Harder and harder I fucked Colin, plowing my cock between his cheeks, driving my pole deep into his teenage ass. "Oh Abs," he groaned. "Fuck! I'm gonna nut, Abs!""Do it, baby," I encouraged him, still driving my cock in and out of his ass. "Shoot all over my desk."I felt his ass spasming on my invading prick, and then I heard the splat of Colin's thin, salty load of teenspew landing on my desk. I lost control and pulled my dick roughly out of his hole. "FUCK, COLIN!" I shouted. I slid my fist up and down the shaft rapidly several times; my balls tightened and my knees weakened. I started cumming. The first two shots rocketed out of my gaping piss slit and flew over Colin's head, hitting the wall behind the desk. The next shot, an 8-inch rope of thick cream, landed on the top of Colin's head and extended down to his neck. I launched two more shots over his shoulder, before the remaining four wads landed with loud splats, crisscrossing his back, some pooling between his shoulder blades.Squeezing the remaining cum out of my cock and into a puddle on the small of Colin's back at the base of his spine, I slapped my softening dick against him. My breathing slowed, and I stepped back, allowing Colin to stand up straight and move away from the desk.He turned around and looked at me. "You have the hottest ass, beautiful," I said, smiling broadly and touching his cheek with my hand. "You're so perfect." I looked down into his hazel eyes and leaned in to kiss him. He responded by slipping his long, thick tongue over mine and shoving it into my mouth. We kissed deeply, moaning."I think if Val had sucked me like that," Colin said, "I'd have remembered no matter how drunk I was."I chuckled. "She's still young," I said. "Give her some time.""You're amazing, Abs," Colin said, leaning into me and putting his head against my chest. I looked down at the top of his head and noticed the cum drying in his straight, brown hair. I Nn Preteenage Models chuckled. "What?" he said. "I mean it." He kissed my chest."You're amazing, too, baby," I said. "That's not what I was laughing at. I was laughing 'cause it looks like I made another huge mess on you." I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him close. "Definitely another huge mess," I said, as my forearms stuck in the cum on his back."I love your huge messes," he chuckled."Good thing," I said. "I love making them. It's the clean up that's the problem." We both laughed.Using my t-shirt, as usual, I mopped the drying cum off of his back. I did my best to get it out of his hair, but I told him that he might need to go to the bathroom and wet it or something. Or possibly put on a hat. I also used the t-shirt to clean our loads off the desk and the wall.We got dressed again, before our raging libidos had us back at full hardness, so that Colin could get going."I have to meet Val," he said to me as he got ready to go."Cool," I said. "Are you two, like, dating now or what?""I really don't know," Colin said. "I think that she thinks we are, but I don't know how I feel about it."I chuckled. "At the very least, maybe she can give you a blowjob that you'll remember, and you can see what it's like to eat some pussy."Colin grinned. "I'd really like to find out."I opened the door to the office, relieved not to find anyone there, and stepped out, motioning for Colin to follow. There was no way to know whether anyone had heard us or had come in while we were fucking, but I hoped not.While Colin put on his backpack, I said, "Soccer tryouts are coming up in a couple of weeks. Are you gonna tryout again?""I think so," he said. "Even though I won't make Varsity.""That's okay," I said. "I'll be helping out with JV, anyway, and you know you'd rather spend more time with me."Colin laughed. "A little cocky, aren't we?"I laughed and grabbed myself. "I can't help what God gave me."He rolled his eyes, but continued laughing. "I'll see you tomorrow, Abs," he said, heading toward the door."Later, Colin," I said.*******************What did you think? Sorry it wasn't longer, but I promise there are more good things in store! Let me know how you felt about this chapter, particularly if you enjoyed it and got off to it. If you didn't like it, well, don't bother telling me that unless you have a specific reason why and a suggestion for improvement.To get updates as soon as I've finished them (and to ensure that you receive any non-Mr. A stories that I write), I suggest joining my Yahoo! Group. The group is called Mr. A's Boys, and you can subscribe by visiting or sending an e- mail to . I will send notices to the group when a new story is posted to Nifty and I will also post the stories (including any bi versions) in the Files section. I encourage your input and comments on the stories via the group, or if you prefer, in private e-mails to me. At the group, we also have places set up for you to post pics of yourself as well as what you envision Mr. A and the Boys looking like. Anything illegal will be removed immediately.Feel free to contact me, e-mail: grossoitalianohotmail.com; AIM: grossoitaliano (same on Yahoo! and MSN, although I'm rarely on those).
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